Chant, 2016

Hardware: 8.1 Speaker System, Mac Mini, Max/MSP, Ableton Live, Computer Vision, Webcam, Fabric

Chant is an interactive multichannel audio composition that explores the pursuit of stillness through harmony. The composition is an aural weaving of field recordings, entwining melodic chants from varied traditions. As audience members approach the center of the installation, layers of the composition begin to stretch in time until a final harmonious drone is achieved at the center. With each new participant the layers become increasingly dense, contributing to the collective experience and encouraging participation up to eight simultaneous visitors.

Through the exploration of the composition as an instrument and an environment, the audience is placed in a discoverable and explorative experience. Chant becomes a cathartic physical and aural experience, experientially illustrating a center point in both sound and the vessel of the Fort Mason Chapel.

2016 Soundwave Biennial Grant Recipient,  Fort Mason Chapel, San Francisco CA - June 25th - July 24th