Predictive Engineering, 2016

Client: SFMoMA & Julia Scher
Role: Technical Lead
Technology Used: Max/MSP, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Ableton, Node.js, Arduino

In 2015 Julia Scher was invited to create a third iteration of her surveillance installation series Predictive Engineering for the reopening of the SFMOMA. I oversaw the production and development of Predictive Engineering 3's modern infrastructure. For over a year I worked closely with Julia Scher to bring her vision into an updated form by incorporating current and relevant technologies.

My production oversaw the design, installation and operation of the following:

  • a custom surveillance network in and around the museum consisting of 12 surveillance cameras operated by the work

  • an automated A/V control booth to control the many sources of media streams used in the work

  • 12 custom sensors to detect visitor's presence within the gallery

  • custom audio and video effects to process the many sources of media streams in real time.

  • a text message delivery service which allowed visitors to receive daily surveillance messages.