Deluge, 2012

Philosophical Statement:

As one’s daily exposure to technology increases, exposure to streams of data inherently follows. Through this process one is eventually led to question their thresholds of input. As this threshold approaches, their ability to parse relevant information from multiple sources creates a desire to seek isolation from both a physical and data presence. Deluge explores this relationship by transforming the context of multiple data streams into an unified instrument of resonant bodies.

Physical Description:

When facing the installation, the viewer sees an array 15 speakers spread out in a concave form.  As the viewer moves towards the speaker(s) (~5 feet), they will notice each speaker fades increases from silence in amplitude. Each speaker is assigned to a unique radio station. As they move closer (~ another 2 feet), the audio source will be processed to create a harmonic drone out of its source material. Each processed audio feed is in sync throughout the installation, allowing participants to create melodic gestures.

2012 Devotion Gallery, Brooklyn NY - March 12th - April 9th