From My Friends, 2011

Philosophical Statement:

From My Friends is a mobile application that allows mood assessments. Users have the ability to assess their feelings, which are also subject to a peer assessment of the moods in question. This application is an example of aggregate and subjective data from a social network of peers, which becomes a “Community Network” that yields a communal gain. Essentially, active participation provides a user with more information and feelings assessments from peers. However, this is only available when the user submits assessments for their peers thus receiving information about how their feelings are perceived by others.

Technical Description:

Initially, From my Friends pairs twelve participants thus creating a group that will form a micro community for a one month period. During this period, when a group member comes in contact with another group member (i.e., meeting, impromptu chat, etc.), the two members are prompted to record a mood assessment for themselves as well as the other group member based on their observation and interaction. The more data, the better the results. There is no limit to capture data. Users have the ability to record as many mood assessments as they wish. The mood selection process is simple and based on a set of twelve faces reflecting the Paediatric Pain Profile. This method is commonly used by medical practitioners to quickly assess the degree of pain a patient is feeling.

At the end of the testing period, each user is given access to mood assessment charts that visualize their mood in comparison to their group’s assessment of their own mood. After using From My Friends, participants reported they found themselves becoming more aware of both themselves and their friends' moods.

The ultimate goal: To explore the fundamental question: Can technology help us sustain happiness within a community?

From My Friends  Mood Chart

From My Friends Mood Chart